Tribute to my lost bike

Why I love my bike/ Photo: Gettyimages

'You were my first love. We did everything together. I couldn’t live without you. You and me, we were crusing around Kralingse Bos in the rare sunny days of April, heading to the university campus, and went for drinks on Saturday nights.’ Maria Karra, an Erasmus University student from Greece, is one of the bloggers of the EUR International Office, and pays a tribute to her lost bicycle. 


In the beginning, I didn’t particularly like you. I was afraid that you would hurt me and wouldn’t treat me right. And you sure did, but I want to be honest. It wasn’t your fault. It was me that was careless. It didn’t take me long to fall. To fall in love with you, that is. I didn’t care at all that my friends made fun of your height, because I knew we were made for each other.

Sometimes I blame myself because I didn’t take care of you as much as you deserved. I should have cleaned you more often and made sure you functioned perfectly all the time. I should have shown you love when you were feeling tired when we were returning home from the clubs, feeling tipsy, cold and dazed at 4 am on Sunday mornings.

However, you were there for me no matter what until the day you left me. We returned home from a strenuous day at the university, and I locked you in the garage, as I always did. The next day, I wanted to take you out for a beer, so I came to look for you. But you weren’t there. At first, I thought that maybe I didn’t remember where I parked you and started searching for you all over the place. I couldn’t find you anywhere. After ten minutes of pointless search, I realised that they took you from me. They left nothing behind, not even the LED light I had put in your front wheel. Luckily, the garage is equipped with cameras, thus I may be able to see who stole you from me and find your trace.

Will you want me again or did you find a new best friend? I hope not, because how can I find again such a perfect bike for my height – let’s admit it, we are both too short for the Netherlands – and how can I trust another bike to ride? Your silver colour still shines in my heart, and I still feel the comfort of your seat. If you return, I will use two locks to protect you from the thieves and will always fill your wheels with air. Never mind, I’ll find someone like you. I must move on with my life. I wish nothing but the best for you. Please, don’t forget me. I will never do.

For all of you out there who share their lives with such a good friend as I did until the previous week, please, take care of it and make sure it will be always safe and locked because bike theft is a full-time job in Rotterdam. I assure you that you’ll miss it more than you can imagine, as happens with all the underrated things in our lives.

As for the newcomers who don’t understand the urge to connect with a soulless bike, believe me, you will change your mind when you arrive in the city. Life in Rotterdam becomes far easier and amusing with a friend like this. I highly recommend you choose one from your very first moment here.

I miss you buddy…


Text: Maria Karra