Two Assistant Professor Vacancies

ISS is looking for two new Assistant Professors. One in the area of Development and Migration and one in the area of Governance and Public Policy.

Development and Migration

The candidate for the Development and Migration position is expected to play a central role in ISS teaching and research on migration, and will actively participate in the Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute (EMDI).

Governance and Public Policy

The candidate for the Governance and Public Policy position should preferably have a track record of research and teaching in the area of policy on climate change, next to familiarity with one or more of the other ISS cross-cutting themes (conflict and peace; social protection and inequality; migration).

Details and application deadline

For full details of the vacancies, see below.

The application deadline for both vacancies is 25 May 2017.

About ISS

ISS is committed to sustaining an academic community based on inclusiveness, equity, and diversity. Applicants from the Global South as well as candidates with a demonstrated commitment to multicultural teaching, research, and service are encouraged to apply. ISS is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates of all genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

More information

Full vacancy details

Assistant Professor Development and Migration (Deadline 25 May 2017)

Assistant Professor Governance and Public Policy (Deadline 25 May 2017)

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