Two new visiting professors at Erasmus School of Economics

Professor Alex Voorhoeve and Professor Francesco Guala are appointed as visiting professors at Erasmus School of Economics.

Voorhoeve, Professor of Philosophy at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), will be Visiting Professor in Ethics and Economics for one year. Guala, professor of Political Economy at the University of Milan, is appointed as Visiting Professor of Philosophy of the Social and Behavioral Sciences for the period of two years.

Professor Jack Vromen, Academic Director of EIPE (Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics), is thrilled: “Erasmus School of Economics is working hard to further develop its Economics & Humanities programme. The advent of Alex Voorhoeve helps us in making a more sustained effort to connect with ethics and political philosophy – while maintaining the School’s strong tradition in economics.”

The concurrent advent of both Professor Francesco Guala and Professor Alex Voorhoeve boosts the further development of the Economics & Humanities programme of Erasmus School of Economics.

About Alex Voorhoeve

Most of Voorhoeve’s research is in the areas Egalitarianism, Decision Theory and Moral Decision-Making and Fair Allocation of Resources in Health Care. He works on several questions that are central to egalitarian theory, including whether it matters that some are worse off than others, the relationship between ‘social egalitarian’ and ‘brute luck egalitarian’ views, and the role of people's opportunities to choose in justifying unequal outcomes. Furthermore he is interested in what psychology reveals to us about how we actually make decisions and what rational choice theory and moral reflection tell us about how we should make decisions.

About Francesco Guala

Francesco Guala is one of the world’s leading philosophers of the social sciences. And presumably he is the world’s leading exponent of the naturalistic approach to the philosophy of the social sciences. For Guala, the social and behavioral sciences do not only span economics (as the alleged queen of the social sciences), but also sociology, political science, law, anthropology and psychology. As a philosopher, Francesco Guala reflects on new trends in economics, such as experimental economics; as a practicing economist, he also actively engages in experimental research.

More information

Ronald de Groot, Communications Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, +31 6 53 641 846.

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