Two NWO-Vidi grants for sociology | Renske Keizer & Jeroen van der Waal

Sociologist prof.dr. Renske Keizer was awarded with a 800.000 Euro Vidi-grant from the Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes (NWO) for her project Dads, dimes, and quarters,  on the influence of fathers in the development of their child and the transfer of inequality from generation to generation.

Renske Keizer will conduct research on the Dutch saying: who is born for a dime, will never be worth a quarter. In her  project, Renske Keizer investigates whether this is true and specifically how fathers may influence this. What is the influence of the father concerning the development of his child and the transfer of inequality from generation to generation. In this international research project attention is also given to the role of context: the extended family, peers and country characteristics. 

About Renske Keizer
Sociologist Prof.dr.Renske Keizer is associated professor in Family Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, she is endowed professor in Child Development at the University of Amsterdam. Keizer’s primary research interests are fatherhood and parenthood in an internationally comparative perspective, and the dynamics of partner relationships. Her research straddles sociology, pedagogical sciences, demography, and developmental psychology. She has a demonstrated track record of significant contributions to multiple fields and to policy debates, through several highly-cited publications in top-tier journals, such as Journal of Marriage and Family, Journal of Family Psychology, Population and Development Review, European Sociological Review, and European Journal of Population. She has received several prestigious grants, amongst which a NWO VENI and VIDI award. In 2016, she was selected as one of the 25 most talented young scholars of all Dutch and Flemish universities.

Sociologist dr. Jeroen van der Waal was awarded with a 800.000 Euro Vidi-grant from the Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes (NWO) for his Veni-project  Why do the less educated distrust institutional professionals?

The less educated distrust politicians, judges and scientists more than their more educated counterparts. This project develops a theory and method to uncover the role of institutional knowledge and colliding lifestyles and attitudes.

About Jeroen van der Waal
Sociologist dr. Jeroen van der Waal is associate professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Fellow at Erasmus University College, and a member of the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities, and Young Erasmus. His research is predominantly located in the fields of political sociology, urban sociology and sociology of health. Besides his academic publications in Policitcal Studies, West European Politics,  European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology,  Van der Waal contributes to the public debate by publishing in newspapers and magazines like  Sociale Vraagstukken.

NWO Vidi grants
Vidi is aimed at experienced researchers who have carried out successful research for a number of years after obtaining their PhDs. Researchers in the NWO Talent Scheme are free to submit their own subject for funding. NWO thus encourages curiosity-driven and innovative research. NWO selects researchers based on the quality of the researcher, the innovative character of the research, the expected scientific impact of the research proposal and the possibilities for knowledge use.


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