Two thematic collections on open shelves

The renovated library will feature two new thematic collections on the open shelves: a specialist presentation that centres on the theme of migration, integration and diversity and a presentation that focuses on research management and academic skills.


Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to read a newspaper or watch a news programme without running into an item about migration. We have chosen the theme of migration in view of its evident topical significance. Although people have been studying migration and integration since time immemorial, these subjects are currently very much in the public eye. In addition, the migration theme intersects with a number of fields in which EUR has traditionally been very strong: from social sciences to law, psychology and health care. The collection was partly possible thanks to a donation by emeritus professor Han Entzinger, who served as Professor of Migration and Integration Studies at EUR from 2001 to 2013.

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Academic Skills and research management
And basically, the same story goes for the theme of research management and academic skills: there has been a growing interest in this type of skills in recent years. These skills are both essential and of clear practical value in contemporary research practice. Examples include subjects like data management, literature review and correct referencing and citation. But the thematic presentation will also devote ample attention to aspects like academic publishing and measuring impact.

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The display cases with items from the thematic collection can be found on the ground floor in the eastern section of the Library (in the quiet area)