UPT presents research on OBOR at New Silk Road Conference by Nieuwsblad Transport

On June 29th professionals from all over the Dutch logistics sector gathered at the Dutch railway museum in Utrecht. Nieuwsblad Transport, the Dutch leading newspaper on ports and logistics, organized a conference on the development of the New Silk Road and the relevance for the Dutch logistics sector. UPT researcher Onno de Jong presented an article on the topic which he, together with Bart Kuipers, published earlier.

In this article, published in the 2017 Italian Maritime Economic Review, the authors discuss the Chinese concepts of One Belt, One Road (OBOR), New Silk Route and other initiatives by the Chinese central government. Special attention was paid to possible consequences of these Chinese plans for ports in the Hamburg – Le Havre range. During the conference a very lively discussion emerged on the possible short-term consequences of the whole concept. The main advice to policy makers based is to closely follow the developments and link the Chinese plans to other major trend such as the shifting economic core of Europe and the trend of re- and nearshoring. A short video on the conference can be found via https://www.nieuwsbladtransport.nl/videos/de-nieuwe-zijderoute--aftermovie


For those interested in the research paper, this paper can be found as  Kuipers, B. & De Jong, O. (2017) The New Silk Road: logistics disruption in the North-West European port system?  In Italian Maritime Economy. The Mediterranean as new key crossroads: outlooks, geomaps and Italy’s role on the Silk Road Naples, SRM

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