Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity

The IHS academic staff members are happy for the release of the latest IHS publication: Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity. This book came together aiming to take an in-depth look at the current state of the urban governance field. 

In 2002, the IHS published a book called Governing Cities, New Instituttional Forms in Developing Countries and Transitional Economies. Now, the authors at the IHS revisit the field of urban governance with a new perspective on globalization, increased complexity of urban projects, and sustainable urban development. Each chapter is written by academic experts in the field of urban governance, taking a specific look at complex issues in an increasingly complex world. The book highlights the IHS as an institute where urban governance issues as of high importance and an integral part of its education and research. 

Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity presents case studies from India, Ghana, Lebanon, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Ecuador and Macedonia, based around topics from climate change and the environment, flood-risk planning, to sustainable transport systems. Issues include new ways of financing urban infrastructure through public--private partnerships, the governance structure to support ecological services in urban areas, and the involvement of market sellers in redesigning the market space and cyclists in creating alternative transport networks. The conclusion is that more attention should be paid to sustainable governance in urban development, in order to cope with the numerous ambitions, interests and values co-existing in the cities of today. 

This book is the perfect tool to help you navigate the topic of urban governance in non-western countries. It was created for students, researchers and government officers concerned with urban planning and public administration as well as those involved in urban non-government organizations, community-based organizations and citizen-led development.

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