Valorisation in Dutch politics

Ministerie van OCW

Last January, the long-awaited letter on valorization was sent to the Dutch Parliament by Secretary Dekker of Education, Culture and Science. The secretary identifies various strong aspects of valorization in the Netherlands, among which are the rising number of publications in open access journals and the strengthened position of entrepreneurship in Higher Education. Nonetheless, there are still improvements to be made, according to the Secretary. According to the Secretary universities should increase their commitment to establishing knowledge transfer offices in the humanities and social sciences. Also, universities should strive for a single set of indicators on valorization shared by all institutions. Notable policy intentions include an intention for extra funding to facilitate for more PhD-candidates to do their research within companies, the intention to have NWO weigh the valorization history of applicants when judging grant proposals, and the intention for a yearly valorization price to be set up by the ministry and NWO. The full letter (in Dutch) can be read here. The Dutch NWO wrote a reply to the letter, which can be read here (also in Dutch).