Valorisation good practices

Every update, we include some good practices on valorisation from throughout the university. This time, the practices originate from ESHCC, ESSB, and RSM.

  • ESHCC: At the opening of the academic year, the university research award was awarded to Sanne Opree from ESHCC. The Jury complemented her on her research in general, but also specifically on her efforts for valorisation and public outreach.
  • Renske Keizer from ESSB has obtained an ERC starting grant to conduct research into the way in which fathers influence the development of the social classes of their children. The research is very promising both for scientific development and for policy makers.
  • Car-sharing rental companies and companies can be more profitable by anticipating peak times that occur at popular spots in the city or as a result of bad weather. This is what Micha Kahlen, PhD candidate at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), discovered. His model can help such companies deploy the vehicles better throughout a city, resulting in customers being helped quicker and fewer cars being deployed. More information is available at RSM Discovery.
  • Dutch media recently payed attention to research by ESL criminologist dr. Willem-Jan Verhoeven on the effectiveness of interrogations by law enformcement. The research indicated that suspects do not release more information when pressured during an interrogation. More information (in Dutch) is available here.
  • Last Tuesday, the annual budget was introduced in the Dutch Parliament in The Hague. The budget is an extra reason for the economists from ESE to weigh in in the societal discussion. This reflects on the faculty’s opinion page EconomieOpinie (in Dutch), but also on media such as Twitter. See for example the Twitter account of prof. Bas Jacobs.