Valorisation in researcher track records

NWO is increasingly weighing valorisation as a factor in subsidy programmes in which valorisation is one of the main targets. Alongside the current valorisation paragraph in application, NWO will in the near future also consider the track record of the researcher and the partners in the application. This development has implications for researchers at EUR:

  • Firstly, it is important for researchers to work on their valorisation track record in an early stage. To obtain a Veni grant for example, it will be beneficial to have already engaged in valorisation during your PhD time. It helps to have experience with outreach, planning of extra-academic activities, and cooperating with external partners.
  • Secondly, it pays off to have a network of external partners. Specifically, partners who are experienced in cooperating with academics and engaging with scientific research.

Strengthening your position in these aspects will not only improve your chances in NWO applications, but also boost your resume and thus your chances in for example H2020 applications.