In which journal can I publish my article in Open Access?

The Journal Browser identifies publications of which copyright costs (Article Processing Charges - APCs) for publication in Open Access have already been paid for by the University,

In 2016 the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands ) has concluded a number of ‘big deals’ with various publishers, which enable researchers employed by Dutch universities to publish their articles in ‘Gold’ Open Access without paying so-called Article Processing Charges (APCs). These publications do not appear in Open Access for free but the costs have been collectively redeemed by the universities in exchange for an increase in the costs of subscribing to large journal packages.

Open Access Journal Browser

The Journal Browser, developed by Wageningen University & Research Library, is a tool (website) where you can find the most important journals and their Open Access options, including the Open Access deals the VSNU has made with major publishers

So, how can you – as an author - make use of these deals with academic publishers?

  1. Check via the Journal Browser whether the journal of choice is one of the more than 8,000 journals covered by one of the deals.

  2. Pick a researcher employed by a Dutch university as the corresponding author of the article.

  3. When contacting the publisher and/or editor always use the university email address – do NOT use a private email address (e.g. gmail or hotmail).

  4. After acceptance of the article, make immediately clear that you want to make use of the ‘VSNU big deal’. When the article is published, it’s too late: you can't claim Open Access afterwards.


About the Open Access Journal Browser

The Journal Browser can be found at
You can search by journal title or ISSN to see the options available for a particular journal. You can also browse by subject.

Search results can be sorted by title and journal metrics like CiteScore, SJR or SNIP. By clicking on the title you see the complete information about the APC discount, journal impact metrics, publishers' conditions for Green Open Access, and a list of recent articles.

When you use the Open Access Journal Browser within the IP-range of the Erasmus University, the APC discount for the corresponding author of the EUR is visible in the results list.


More information

More information about the OA-deals with academic publishers in the Netherlands is available on Open

For any questions about Open Access, please visit the EUR Library Open Access webpages or contact the OA team: Hans Brandhorst and Leonidas Pakos via

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