Why do millennials switch jobs so fast?

Why do millennials switch jobs so fast?

Millennials today switch jobs at a faster rate than their predecessors. Graduate student and LinkedIn blogger Suneil Kamath knows why they do that and also whether they like it or not.

‘Millennials don’t actually want to job hop,’ says Suneil Kamath. He’s one of LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic students. Each week influencers publish more than 160,000 stories on the network platform, and according to LinkedIn this guy is the number one to follow. The article he himself is most proud of debunks common misconceptions about millennials and their career goals.

Job-Hopping Millennials
‘Over the past couple of years, I keep reading articles that claim millennials have low company loyalty and that job hopping is quite normal. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median employee tenure of workers aged 25-34 in 2014 was three years. Two years earlier, the median tenure was 3.2 years.’

Values, Mission, and Development
'While I do agree, to some extent, that millennials today switch jobs at a faster rate than their predecessors, I disagree with the notion that they have low company loyalty or like switching jobs constantly. Millennials want to work for a company that truly fits them, and many have trouble finding that perfect company. By fit I mean the values of the employee match the values and the mission of the employer they work for. Many millennials, for instance, deeply value learning and development. In their first company they might feel they’re not getting the type of developmental opportunities they need. Since they don't like to settle, they seek a different opportunity.’

The Perfect Match
Kamath: ‘There are a multitude of reasons why someone does not find a company that matches their values. Straight out of college many millennials maybe don’t know exactly what type of company best suits their personality, and it takes some time and professional experience to figure that out. In addition, given the fluctuations of the economy sometimes you just have to take any job you can get.’ Therefore it might take some hopping before the millennial has found the employer he wants to be loyal to.  

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