Why Rotterdam is Europe’s new capital of cool

Rotterdam, Europe's city of cool

Locals have known it for a long time, but now CNN has also realised how cool Rotterdam is. Not because of just one single thing, but for a long list of 13 reasons. Fresh to the city? Get acquainted with it in the best way straight away!

Earlier this year CNN called Rotterdam Europe’s new capital of cool: ‘Rotterdam – the Netherlands' second largest city and Europe's biggest port – is currently enjoying its transformation from a city plagued with urban problems to a hip place to visit or live. Long lost in the shadow of Amsterdam, crowdfunding initiatives and striking new architecture have helped boost Rotterdam's vibe and image recently.’ Of course we totally agree. But there's one reason we particularly liked...

We have a district called the ‘Cool District’. How about that? ‘Many cities have quarters that are widely regarded as cool but Rotterdam can claim, literally, to have a Cool District. Pronounced 'coal' in Dutch, the district was a separate municipality to Rotterdam until 1816, and is now peppered with high street stores and restaurants.’ 

If you want to find out about the other 12 reasons that make us so utterly cool, read the whole article here

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