This is why you should not leave Rotterdam this summer

Why you should stay in Rotterdam this summer

If you're planning your holiday: stop right now! Cancel your flight to Thailand. Sell your Lowlands tickets. Break the news to your parents that you are not going to go camp with them. Why? Because you’ll be spending your summer in Rotterdam.


Rotterdam is one of the best ten places to visit in summer. Says who? Says the famous National Geographic! The city is number two on their list of Best Summer Trips 2017. An honour we share with – mark these words – Cocos Island Costa Rica (#3), Hawaii (#9) and even the Galapagos Islands (#10).

Markthal and Luchtsingel

National Geographic raves about Rotterdam: ‘Rotterdam has rebuilt itself into a contemporary and unique metropolis, a blend of foreign and local architecture. Don’t miss the bright new Luchtsingel (air canal), a crowd-funded yellow bridge linking three previously disconnected areas that transformed the north end of the city. Marvel at Arno Coenen’s mesmerising art at the Markthal, a horseshoe-shaped covered market near Rotte River.’

Better than Bonito

So why bother going all the way to Bonito (#1) for, according to National Geographic, ‘top-notch for ecotourism’? Isn’t real ecotourism about staying home and keeping your carbon footprint small? This is Rotterdam, a top destination. And this is where you live. So put up your tent in the garden, hang out in one of the amazing parks, go visit a museum, and enjoy.

Source: National Geographic