Workshop on the Law and Economics of Migration and Mobility

Workshop on the Law and Economics of Migration and Mobility

University of Bern, Switzerland

15 - 16 June 2017

Migration and (international) mobility are crucial parts of a globalized economy. While economists often emphasize the efficiency gains of free movement of people, political and legal debates in the recent past have taken a more defensive stand, particularly on immigration and issues related to the refugee crisis. This workshop aims to discuss current research relating to the field of migration and mobility, in particular from an interdisciplinary law & economics perspective.

A (non-exhaustive) list of keywords and questions for possible contributions in the context of the law and economics of migration and mobility are:

  • Admission rules (including asylum, labour migration, and family reunification)
  • Labour market policies
  • Integration
  • The welfare state
  • Migration/mobility and multi layered governance (federalism, international relations, etc.)
  • Linkages between migration/mobility and other policy fields (e.g. trade, climate, etc.)
  • Mobile people and private law (e.g. family and tax law)
  • Political economy of migration and mobility
  • Changes in migration patterns

Dr Philip Hanke
nccr – on the move and Department of Public Law, University of Bern

Dr Stephan Michel
Institute of Law and Economics, Universität Hamburg

Senior and junior scholars (including PhD students) are invited to participate in the call for papers. The workshop is open to various methodological approaches (positive, normative, quantitative, qualitative, etc.) and disciplines.

Please submit your paper or an extended abstract as a PDF file to and

Organizational Details
Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Limited funding is available for hotel accommodation and travel (on request).

Venue: University of Bern, Hochschulstrasse 6, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Deadline for submission is 15 March 2017.
Communication of acceptance until 1 April 2017.

For general inquiries, please contact us by e-mail at or

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