Writing the Bachelor’s thesis and finishing the Bachelor’s progamme

Before you can finish your Bachelor’s programme, you need to write your bachelor thesis. To help you write a great thesis and to finish on time, make sure you know the rules and regulations of the department at which you are writing your thesis.

All bachelor specialisations have made a bachelor thesis manual in which you can find important information about the bachelor thesis process, such as how to find a thesis topic and supervisor, the thesis proposal, assessment criteria, and important deadlines. Go to the bachelor thesis website (click here for Dutch and here for English), find your specialisation and download the manual. Note that on this website, you can also find more general information about among others writing, referencing and supervision.

If you are planning to graduate your Bachelor’s programme this year and you want to continue with a Master’s programme at ESE, check out the information on the application and admission to the master website. The application period runs from 1 June till 1 August.