You'll never guess what's in this mysterious letter to the queen

That’s an intriguing little letter queen Juliana is reading. What would it say? The directions from the town hall to De Doelen? No, that wouldn’t make any  sense. Mayor W. Thomassen (left) knows the way...

Could it be the map of the Great Hall? Is it about where the queen will be seated during lunch? Is she checking out the programme one more time?

Whatever it is - the Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. B.J. The Boer seems to disagree on something the mayor said. Just like Mr. O.A. Thissen, secretary of the Executive Board by the way. 

Rector magnificus prof.dr. C.J. Van der Weyden however, has no attention to that. He’s making a serious effort to read over his shoulder.

This picture was taken by Ary Groeneveld on November 8th 1973 – the day queen Juliana paid Erasmus University a visit for the official inauguration. First they had lunch, after they walked to De Doelen and along the road one of our students gave her this mysterious note.

Queen Juliana read it immediatly. Whatever it was about? Well… that’s one of the many secrets Palace Soestdijk holds.

Photo: Historical Archive EUR. Text: Cora Boele. 

This article was published in Erasmus Alumni Magazine. 

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