The Council for the Appointments and Promotions (CBBA)

The Council for the Appointments and Promotions (CBBA) advises the Dean about appointment matters, such as vacancies for professors and associate professors, promotion of internal candidates to the level of associate professor, establishing new (endowed) chairs, scouting for internal and external talents and attracting celebrities. Only appointed professors can be members of the committee. A member of the Personnel & Organisation department of the Administration Office fulfills the task of a secretary. For the appointment or promotion of associate professors, the Dean is being advised by the Council for Appointments and Promotions.


Members of the Council are

Professor Albert Wagelmans (chairperson)
Professor Otto Swank (substitute chairperson)
Professor Benedict Dellaert (substitute vice chairperson)
Professor Enrico Pennings (substitute vice chairperson)
Professor Han Bleichrodt
Professor Patrick Groenen
Professor Martijn de Jong
Professor Casper de Vries
Professor Peter Wakker
Professor Kirsten Rohde
Dr. V. Landsman-Schwartz Secretary: Anita Iftekaralikhan

CBBA meeting dates 2017/2018

Meeting dateLatest application date for CBBADeadline hand in documents at department secretariat
5 October 201714 September 201731 August 2017
2-nov-1712 October 201728-sep-17
18 January 201814 December 2017*7 December 2017*
22 February 20181 February 201818 January 2018
29 March 20188 March 201822 February 2018
17 May 201826 April 201812 April 2018
28 June 20187 June 201824 May 2018

* An earlier application date, due to Christmas holiday