Flexible entry requirements for ESSB master's

Have you not entirely finished your bachelor's degree yet? At our faculty you can already start with your master's! So have a look at what master programmes we have on offer for the academic year 2020-2021 (and discover our four brand-new master's specialisations). Below you can read the explanation of our revised and flexible requirements:

Dear students,

The requirement that the bachelor's degree must be completed before one can start a master's programme has been in place for many years. The Dutch Ministry of Education has allowed this requirement to be temporarily relaxed in the coming academic year, to help students who experience study delay because of the corona crisis. For the EUR, this means that you may be eligible for admission to a master's programme if you have completed at least 162 of the 180 ECTS of the bachelor's programme, and under the condition that you do successfully complete the bachelor’s programme before a set deadline. If the student chooses to apply, he/she can complete the remainder of the bachelor's programme during the master’s programme at their own risk, for example when it comes to schedule conflicts. Similar regulations also apply at other universities.

Details of the regulations may differ between faculties and universities. For example, for ESSB master's programmes, one may only start with the master's thesis once the bachelor's thesis has been completed. Also, the master’s degree can only be obtained after the bachelor’s degree has been obtained. Exact details on how students who wish to make use of these regulations will be announced on the website.