Confidential counsellors

Direct contact with a confidant at Erasmus MC

Students who are confronted with inappropriate behavior in any form can contact one of the confidants at Erasmus MC directly. The contact details are listed below. If it is not clear who to contact, a message with name and phone number can be sent to (this is a confidential address managed by the study advisors in Medicine). Contact will then be made by the study advisor with the goal of outlining an appropriate follow-up course of action.

Complaints Committee inappropriate behaviour

P.O. Box 2060
3000 CARotterdam
The Netherlands

For medical students

  • Adriaan van 't Spijker, psychologist, lecturer, 06 158 330 07,;
  • Rebekka da Costa, business management advisor, Dijkzigt theme, 06 285 865 06,;
  • Lydia Oudakker, cardiology nurse,, 06 500 319 36;
  • Debra Young, Staff Advisor for Contract Management, Service Company - Purchasing & Facilities,, 06 285 864 39;
  • Willy Thijsse, retired physician intensivist, 06 103 192 66;
  • Jaap Deckers, retired Cardiologist, 06 534 898 31.

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