Open Access requirements

Many funders require that publications are made available in open access, when these are the result of research supported by their grants. The requirements and permissions of publishers can vary.

 Open access policy EUR

The EUR has an open access policy since 2011. Every publication should be deposited in the institutional repository RePub. When you do so, you are compliant with the open access conditions of large funders like NWO and the EU.

How to deposit your publication in RePub?
Just make sure you upload your full text, preferably in its final author version (Accepted Manuscript), when you register your publication in Metis (Erasmus University’s system for the registration of publications). It requires little effort and you will find more detailed instructions in the Personal Metis manual.

If your faculty does not use Personal Metis you can upload your publications using the Submit button via RePub.


NWO (a large Dutch research organization) requires that researchers make their publication immediately available in Open Access at the moment of publication. NWO prefers the gold route. You are compliant if you publish in Gold Open Access or if you deposit your publication in RePub once it is published.


Research financed by the EU must also be published in Open Access. The EU accepts an embargo period of 6 months (sciences) up to 12 months (humanities and social sciences). You are compliant if you publish in Gold Open Access or if you deposit your publication in RePub.

What does the publisher allow me to do?

On the website of Sherpa/Romeo you will find the conditions under which the publisher will allow you to deposit a publication in the institutional repository. Check the conditions at Sherpa/RoMEO.

More information
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