(Diarmaid) DT O Ceallaigh


Diarmaid has been working since September 2018 on a research project which seeks to design sustainable incentives to encourage preventive health behavior using insights from behavioral economics and social psychology.  The project is part of the Erasmus Initiative “Smarter Choices for Better Health”. The project focuses on physical activity and seeks to address the widespread problem of individuals continually failing to follow through on their plans to engage in increased physical activity.  Firstly, the project seeks to understand why this occurs, using both theoretical and empirical methods.  Then, the insight gained will be used to design and test innovative interventions to help people to reach their physical activity goals.
Supervisors: Dr. Hans van Kippersluis, Prof. Dr. Kirsten Rohde and Prof. Dr. Han Bleichrodt.

Erasmus School of Economics

External PhD candidate | Applied Economics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Seminar Behaviour, Health and Wellbeing

Year Level
bachelor 3, bachelor 3, bachelor 3

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