(Léa) LEJS Massé

(Léa) LEJS Massé
External PhD candidate Erasmus School of Law Criminology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Léa Massé is a PhD candidate at the department of Criminology of the Erasmus School of Law. She completed a Bachelor in European Law at the University of Orléans (France) and a Master in Global Crime and Criminology at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands).

Her current research project examines trajectories in, through and out of jihadism from an existentialist perspective. Contextualizing jihadi trajectories within processes of self-becoming, she explores how individual construct viable modes of being while navigating jihadism and violence—from the violence of everyday life, surveillance and counterextremism policies to embodied practices of armed jihad and martyrdom, and from the seductive appeal of violence to the mediated spectacle of human suffering and death. Her research draws inspiration from existentialist philosophy and criminology, phenomenology, cultural criminology and the philosophy of violence.

Her other research interests include the criminalization of marginalized communities, war, the seduction of violence and deviance, as well as state crime, and resistance through art and expressive cultural forms.


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  • Léa Massé (2019) - Terrorising doubts: Regulating and managing threats to ontological security in extremist and terrorist Islamist groups - European Society of Criminology
  • Léa Massé (2019) - “From Brothers to Intimate enemies”: the Regulation and Management of Individual Disengagement within Islamist Extremists and Terrorist Groups - Common Session in Criminology
  • Léa Massé (2018) - “Losing Mood(s)”: Exploring European Jihadi Supporters and Foreign Fighters’ Responses to the fall of the Islamic State? - Common Session in Criminology
  • Léa Massé (2018) - “Being-in-the-crime”: Reflection on the Use of Phenomenological Methods in Criminology? - Conference Between edges and Margins
  • Léa Massé (2017) - “Becoming radicals”: towards a phenomenological approach of Western youth’s Islamic radicalisation - Common Session in Criminology
  • Léa Massé (2015) - “Locked out” on the margin: exploring youth’s marginality in French deprived urban neighbourhoods? - Common Session in Criminology

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