dr. (Rachel) R Kurian

dr. (Rachel) R Kurian
Visiting lecturer International Institute of Social Studies Academic staff unit
Kortenaerkade 12, 's - Gravenhage

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Rachel Kurian is Senior Lecturer in International Labour Economics at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague.

She has degrees in Mathematics and Economics, and has studied at the University of Madras (India), Jawaharlal Nehru University (India), University of Delhi (India), University of Cambridge (UK) and University of Amsterdam where she completed her PhD in 1989.

Dr. Kurian's interests lie in the arena of migration, human rights, poverty, gender, trade unions, and labour (including child labour) in the context of economic restructuring - a focus which is reflected in her publications and current curriculum.

Her wide-ranging interest and expertise is corroborated by field experience in Asia (Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and South Korea), Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Surinam, Chile and Ecuador), (Eastern) Europe (Bosnia Herzegovina), the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados) and Africa (South Africa, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe).

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  • Rachel Kurian (1977) - "Labour Market Participation with Choice Possibilities" - Recreatie en Maatschappelijk werk

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  • Rachel Kurian & D Singh (2010) - Social Exclusion and Human Security in Rural India: Ambedkar Villages as Spaces of Contestation for Dalits

  • Rachel Kurian (1989) - State, Capital and Labour in the Plantation Industry in Sri Lanka 1934- 1984

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  • Rachel Kurian (1984) - "Plantation Politics" in Race and Class
  • Rachel Kurian (1984) - "Dharmistha - A Righteous Society
  • Rachel Kurian (1984) - "The Sri Lankan State and the Ethnic Crisis"
  • Rachel Kurian (1982) - The Organisation of Small- Scale Dairy Producers in Sri Lanka
  • Rachel Kurian (1982) - "The Formation of Independent Local Level Dairy Producers' Societies within a Union Structure"
  • Rachel Kurian (1982) - "Blueprint for a National Dairy Development Board"

  • Karin Astrid Siegmann, Sajitha Ananthakrishnan, K Fernando, KJ Joseph, K Romeshun, Rachel Kurian, Shasikala Samuel & PK Viswanathan (2020) - Fairtrade certified Tea in the Hired Labour Sector in India and Sri Lanka: Impact Study and Baseline Data Collection - Fairtrade International
  • Rachel Kurian (2008) - Building Bridges in Neighbourhoods :Connecting Communities, Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Civic Citizenship at local levels (Study done for The Hague Municipality) - ISS
  • Arjun Bedi & Rachel Kurian (2007) - Elimination of Child Labour Projects in Asia: An Evaluation (Consultancy Report for FNV) - ISS
  • Arjun Bedi & Rachel Kurian (2004) - Poverty, Gender and Social Exclusion in Mauritius (Consultancy Report for the African Development Bank) - ISS
  • Rachel Kurian (2003) - Women Workers in a Global Economy: Trends and Issues - ISS
  • Rachel Kurian (2000) - Policy Evaluation of the VMP: FNV Policy on Trade Union Rights in Asia (Desk Study) (Evaluation Report Submitted to FNV, May 2000) - ISS
  • Rachel Kurian (2000) - Policy Evaluation of the VMP: Child Labour Policy of the FNV (Evaluation Report Submitted to FNV, September 2000) - ISS
  • Rachel Kurian (2000) - Policy Evaluation of the VMP: FNV Policy on Trade Union Rights in Asia (Final report) (Evaluation Report Submitted to FNV, May 2000) - ISS
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  • Rachel Kurian (1982) - "Plantation Production, Crisis and the Contemporary State: an analysis of the sugar industry in Trinidad and Barbados"
  • Rachel Kurian (1982) - "The Position of Women Workers in Sri Lankan Plantations: an issues paper"
  • Rachel Kurian (1982) - "Government Policy, Plantations and Plantation Labour 1977-83"
  • Rachel Kurian (1981) - "Integration into Capitalism: the anthropological roots of labour control on Sri Lankan plantations"
  • Rachel Kurian (1980) - The Position of Women Workers in the Plantation Sector Sector of Sri Lanka
  • Rachel Kurian (1979) - "Income Distribution, Poverty and Employment" - Institute of Social Studies
  • Rachel Kurian (1950) - "Women, Politics and Trade Unions in Sri Lankan Plantations"

  • Helen Hintjens & Rachel Kurian (2019) - Social Inclusion (Journal)

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