(Zahra) Z Zarepour

(Zahra) Z Zarepour
External PhD candidate International Institute of Social Studies ISS PhD
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Subsidy and subsidy reforms are controversial policies as subsidies could be described as a pro-poor social security policy or as a mean to protect domestic firms to foster; and at the same time, subsidies are financial burden for governments, waste of subsidized goods, mis-targeting to non-poor and pollution (in case of energy subsidies). Due to its abundant oil and natural gas resources, Iran has a long history of subsidizing its economy, particularly in energy. According to the subsidy reform in Iran, initially 60% of the energy subsidies have been removed and replaced with an unconditional cash transfer to all Iranians. Zarepour's PhD thesis aims to investigate the impact of this subsidy reform on the economy and households.

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