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  • (Willemijn) WE Bezemer MA

    (Willemijn) WE Bezemer MA

    Willemijn Bezemer is a PhD candidate at the department of Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her reseach is titled 'In search of trust:…
  • dr. (Jess) JL Bier

    dr. (Jess) JL Bier

    Jess Bier (1980) is an assistant professor of urban sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Dr. Bier is a social theorist who engages with the social and…
  • dr. (Samira) SRJM van Bohemen

    dr. (Samira) SRJM van Bohemen

    Samira van Bohemen is a cultural sociologist and assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.Her research mainly deals with…
  • dr. (Sjaak) JFA Braster

    dr. (Sjaak) JFA Braster

  • (Gijs) GJ Custers MSc

    (Gijs) GJ Custers MSc

    Gijs Custers is a Postdoc researcher at the Department of Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.His current research examines the effects of the…
  • prof.dr. (Jaco) JM Dagevos

    prof.dr. (Jaco) JM Dagevos

  • (Roxy) REC Damen MSc

    (Roxy) REC Damen MSc

    Roxy Damen is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP).After completing a bachelor in…
  • prof.dr. (Marjolijn) M Das

    prof.dr. (Marjolijn) M Das

    Marjolijn Das is an endowed Professor of Urban Statistics within the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD Cities. She also works as a senior statistical…
  • prof.dr. (Laura) L den Dulk

    prof.dr. (Laura) L den Dulk

    Laura den Dulk is full professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Public Administration and Sociology, the Netherlands. Her main area of expertise…
  • prof.dr. (Pearl) PA Dykstra

    prof.dr. (Pearl) PA Dykstra

    Pearl Dykstra is Professor of Empirical Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and former Deputy Chair of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors to the…