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  • dr. (David) DJ Blok

    dr. (David) DJ Blok

    David Blok is an academic researcher at the Erasmus Movez Lab. In June 2018, he successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Introducing systems approaches…
  • prof.dr. (Moniek) MA Buijzen

    prof.dr. (Moniek) MA Buijzen

    Developments in communication technology open up unprecedented opportunities for healthy and sustainable ways of changing behaviour. Moniek Buijzen studies how…
  • dr. (Jiska) JM Engelbert

    dr. (Jiska) JM Engelbert

    Jiska Engelbert (PhD, Aberystwyth 2009) is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communication and the Erasmus Research Centre for Media…
  • (Saskia) SCM Franken

    (Saskia) SCM Franken

  • prof.dr. (Gabriele) G Jacobs

    prof.dr. (Gabriele) G Jacobs

    *Gabriele Jacobs is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Culture at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB) and Dean of the Erasmus…
  • dr. (Paul) PL Kocken

    dr. (Paul) PL Kocken

  • (Jelena) J Kollmann MSc

    (Jelena) J Kollmann MSc

  • dr. (Roel) RO Lutkenhaus

    dr. (Roel) RO Lutkenhaus

    Roel Lutkenhaus (1985) is an academic researcher and liaison officer at the Erasmus Movez Lab, a research team with a shared interest in young people, digital…
  • dr. (Tessa) T Magnee

    dr. (Tessa) T Magnee

    Tessa Magnée is Postdoctoral Researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam.Tessa Magnée is a psychologist and a researcher in the field of primary mental health…
  • dr. (Inge) I Merkelbach

    dr. (Inge) I Merkelbach