Personal and Professional Development

We will invest in the personal and professional development of our students. We do so by reaching out to students that are first-generation academic learners, by helping students focus on their personal goals in their study career, by providing them with courses and guidance on personal and professional skills, and by offering them career orientation towards the end of their studies. We actively involve alumni to achieve the right focus on personal and professional guidance. Implementation of this theme will be accelerated with support from the Quality Funds provided by the Ministry of Education. Together with participatory bodies, all faculties have joined forces to develop initiatives for implementing activities within the theme of personal and professional development.

Sub-themes and Goals within Personal Professional Development

Since faculty perspective might differ in orientation and pace, each faculty has mapped its development based upon the following themes. Themes include:

Outreach – activities aimed at reaching out to prospective students with a distinct distance to the academic community (e.g. first generation students and students with a migration background).

Goal-setting – activities with a primary objective to boost motivation of students and study performance

Skills and Personal Development – skills education aimed at personal and/or professional skills.

Career orientation – courses and training in job market orientation and skills.

Alumni/Labour market – activities aimed at alumni ‘giving back’ and strengthening the bond of alumni with the academic community.


Faculty projects per sub-theme

  • ESLMy Future ESL, persoonlijke ontwikkeling van studentenStudenten leren om hun persoonlijke drijfveren te benoemen en te ontwikkelen (pre academic programme; awareness), te werken aan hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling (goalsetting) en vaardigheden (skills) om zo hun kansen op de arbeidsmarkt te vergroten. Ontwikkeling mondt uit in een doorlopende leerlijn vanaf pre academic programma naar het bachelor- (jaar 2 en 3) en het masterprogramma. Studenten zijn betrokken bij de opzet van de leerlijn, zowel als bij de klankbordgroep en het diversiteitsplatform.
  • RSMMentor Programme (Bsc)Het ontwikkelen van een leerlijn die zich richt op het ontwikkelen van persoonlijke en professionele activiteiten van studenten.
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