Commission Personnel, Facilities & Organization

The PFO committee is a permanent advisory committee of the University Council. Subjects covered by personnel, management or infrastructure are prepared in the PFO committee, usually two weeks before the consultation meeting of the University Council with the Executive Board takes place. The Committee consists of six student members and six members of staff from the University Council. Traditionally, the committee is chaired by a staff member.
The Executive Board is usually represented in the committee meeting by one or more policy advisors. This setup offers the possibility to go into detail on a specific subject, often with the officials directly involved in the subject. In this way, the University Council can restrict itself during the consultation meeting to conducting a discussion in broad lines.

Topics that are addressed in the PFO committee include diversity, the renovation and renovation of the campus ('Campus in Ontwikkeling’), catering, plans for reorganization and facility or ICT facilities for employees and students.
The members of the committee are:

Staff members

Student members

dr. C.M.A.W. Festen (Clemens) (chair)
J.C.M. van Wel (John)
dr. J.M. Engelbert (Jiska)
dr. B. Bode (Ben)
dr. E.K.E. von Bone (Emese)
J. Piarelal (John)

Naomi van Kalken (vice-chair)
Nadine Nieuwstad
Samir Oassem
Samira Yekhlef
Rianne Hordijk
Louise van Koppen



If you have any comments or questions on topics related to personnel, facillities and organization please contact the University Council!