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The 2021/2022 academic year sees the launch of two pilot schemes on ESHCC’s International Bachelor of Communications and Media (IBCoM) using the PebblePad portfolio tool. What is unique about PebblePad is that it combines assessment portfolios, showcase portfolios and progress/development portfolios. PebblePad focuses on the student learning process and helps lecturers create a learning journey for their undergraduates. It also offers the possibility of allowing students complete freedom to create a portfolio from scratch or letting them fill in a pre-structured one. PebblePad can be integrated with Canvas, making it easier for students and lecturers to use the software.  

The first pilot scheme uses PebblePad to set out the learning goals and record the progress of the IBCoM Honours Students (second-years). They can use PebblePad to structure their portfolios during their honours programme. The programme addresses the theme of storytelling.

The second pilot scheme involves using PebblePad in a more structured way on the first-year Communication Technologies and their Impacts (IBCoM) course.  We use PebblePad here to support and stimulate the student learning process throughout the course.

With the aid of the pilot schemes, we will explore whether the portfolio tool PebblePad might add value to our education on both a technical and pedagogical level.

The following goals have been set for the pilot scheme:

  1. Offer students more autonomy and scope for creativity in working on assignments to stimulate their intrinsic motivation.
  2. Support the student learning process through assignments to encourage them to be prepared when they attend their tutorials.
  3. Give students insight into their individual learning process.
  4. Give students insight into the connection between assignments and their study progress through the course.
  5. Spread the marking workload for lecturers more evenly by eliminating peaks at the end of the course.
  6. Enable interim feedback to support the student learning process.

Both during and after the pilot scheme, we shall assess PebblePad’s pros and cons and determine what added value it might offer lecturers and students at EUR.

Contact information: Mijke Slot (slot@eshcc.eur.nl) and Remy Fermont (fermont@risbo.eur.nl)

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