Study programme

Innovative developments force customs professionals, other inspections and business professionals to collaborate. You must follow the general trend towards regulatory compliance rather than command and control. This is facilitated by information systems. In RSM’s unique part-time executive master programme, you will explore and discuss these developments, and assess their value and implications for practice.

During this two-year master programme, you will use an integrated approach to investigate how:

  • you can improve compliance, safety, security, sustainability, efficiency and thequality of information in international trade
  • you can stimulate uniform application of customs laws across the EU
  • you can reduce administrative burdens for business and government
  • you can embed compliance with laws and regulations concerning the import and export of goods into business processes and information systems
  • customs supervision can meet business challenges
  • you can create mutual understanding among parties from different backgrounds.

More information about the Master can be found on the RSM website.