Health Sciences

Education objectives

This MSc programme focuses on training students who are already educated in research methodology, but wish to take a step further in developing a successful career in health science research. This programme is also interesting if you want to enhance your chances of pursuing a PhD.

  • In the course of the programme you will acquire the following competencies:
  • Ability to formulate a clinical or public health problem and translate it into a scientific question;
  • Ability to perform an extensive study of the literature concerning a problem;
  • Ability to translate a scientific question into a research protocol;
  • Acquisition of quantitative skills;
  • Ability to make causal inferences;
  • Ability to critically appraise published research;
  • Ability to conduct the research, collect and analyse data, and draw conclusions;
  • Ability to write a Master’s thesis, including the objective(s) of the investigation, a summary of the literature, materials, methods, results, discussion and conclusions of the research project and to present these findings at scientific meetings. Publication of the research findings in an international peer-reviewed journal is encouraged.


Please see below for information about the specialisation within this Master Programme. Whether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time, is indicated accordingly.

Clinical EpidemiologyFull-timePart-time
Genetic & Molecular EpidemiologyFull-timePart-time
Medical PsychologyFull-timePart-time
Health Decision SciencesFull-timePart-time
Public Health EpidemiologyFull-timePart-time

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