Arts, Culture and Society

Continuing master programmes

After this pre-master programme, you ar an eligible candidate for the Master programme Arts, Culture and Society.

About Arts, Culture and Society

Entrepreneurial innovation. Creative, critical analysis. Engagement and exploration. Such are the indispensable attributes of professionals in the modern arts and culture sector. As both high art and popular culture are redefining their respective, and increasingly concomitant, role in society. Artists, producers and industries are repositioning and re-marketing themselves in a culture where leisure is an emergent commodity within an intensely competitive and changing market.

Digitisation currently allows audiences to access, criticise, alter and communicate an endless variety of cultural products. Globalisation blurs boundaries between nations, regions and cultural fields. Meanwhile, government policy is increasingly characterized by a laissez-faire mentality resulting in major subsidy cutbacks for the arts.

The Master’s program prepares you for a vital role in all areas of the arts and culture sector, from theatre to museums to film and festivals, allowing you to take your degree not only across artistic fields, but around the globe. You don’t sell the tickets, you run the show! 

Five reasons to choose Arts, Culture and Society at the EUR

  • The programme employs an international approach that integrates present-day modes of production, distribution and consumption of arts and culture beyond and across national cultural boundaries. 
  • You are trained to envision new possibilities and establish new models for the organization of arts and culture using cutting-edge insights on policy, marketing, audiences and education. 
  • You are taught the skills to advise and assist cultural organizations with their knowledge of marketing and understanding of public tastes and motivations. 
  • According to Times Higher Education, EUR is one of the 200 most international universities of the world. This means encountering lecturers and students from all over the world. 
  • Studying in Rotterdam means studying in a city with many museums, music- and film festivals. Hence, the ideal city to build a professional network.