Arts, Culture and Society

Study programme

Developing analytical skills

In the pre-master, you will be educated as an academic professional. All of the pre-masters focus on writing essays and articles and on conducting social scientific research. At the end of the pre-master year, you can put your newly gained research skills and knowledge to good use when you write your final paper, a Bachelor’s thesis.

What will I learn

The pre-master is a highly intensive programme, which is taught entirely in English. You will acquire academic skills, write essays, learn about statistics and conduct your own research. We expect a lot from you, but your efforts will all be rewarded when you can start the Master’s degree programme Arts, Culture and Society.

Duration of the programme

The pre-master’s programme takes one year (50 ec). It may under certain circumstances take two years to complete. You are required to complete several crucial courses at the Bachelor’s level. There are also courses designed specifically for the pre-master's programme.

Those who complete the programme will not receive a diploma but a certificate of admission to the related Master’s degree program

Video presentation premaster Arts and culture studies

  • Term 1

    • Course code: CC1024
      Student workload: 5 ECTS

    • Course code: CC1008
      Student workload: 5 ECTS

    Term 2

    • Course code: CC1003
      Student workload: 10 ECTS

    • Course code: CC2010
      Student workload: 5 ECTS

    Term 3

    • Course code: CC2015
      Student workload: 5 ECTS

    • Course code: CC2014
      Student workload: 5 ECTS

    • Course code: CC3003
      Student workload: - ECTS

    Term 4

    • Course code: CC3003
      Student workload: 15 ECTS