Professors by special appointment Rotterdam School of Management




Business Administration, i.h.b. global strategyVereniging Trustfonds EURdr. T.H. Reus
Behavioral ethicsVereniging Trustfonds EURDr. M.H. van Dijke
Behaviour and Performance ManagementVereniging Trustfonds EURSchippers. Prof.dr. M.C.
Business administration, with particular reference to Business analysis & valuationVereniging Trustfonds EURDr. E. Peek
Business administration, with particular reference to financial marketsVereniging Trustfonds EURdr. M.A. van Dijk
Business administration, with particular reference to International financial reporting in capital market communicationsVereniging Trustfonds EURdr. E.M. Roelofsen
Business administration, with particular reference to next generation information systemsVereniging Trustfonds EURdr. W. Ketter
Business administration with particular reference to Strategic philanthropyErasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropydr. L.C.P.M. Meijs
Collaborative Innovation and Business VenturingVereniging Trustfonds EURProf.dr. V.J.A. van de Vrande
Corporate Communication Management dr. J.P. Cornelissen
Cradle-to-cradle for innovation and qualityStichting Rotterdam Sustainability initiativedr. M. Braungart
Human Resource ManagementVereniging Trustfonds EURDr. H.G.H. van Dierendonck
Quality management and certificationRaad voor Accreditatie 
Management education with a focus on women in businessVereniging Trustfonds EURDr. D.L. Bevelander
Organisational behavior and changeVereniging Trustfonds EURDr. S.R. Giessner
Ports in of global networksVereniging Trustfonds EURDr. R.A. Zuidwijk
Standardisation and normalisationStichting BL Standaardisatie en normalisatiedr. K. Blind
International business and human rightsStichting Vredes Wetenschappendr. C.C. van Dam