Programme unlimited study success at the EUR

13.45-14.00: Walk-in with coffee and tea (Sanders hall)

14.00-14.30: Introduction and opening by Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels

College Carrousel (Sanders 0.04)

14.35-15.05: Presentation by Jasper Kok-Roosjen (ontdek autisme) and Max Goossens on studying with a vulnerability; getting a grip on stress, with a focus on autism. (in English)

15.05-15.35: Nanne Roos Vonk. Consultant at Handicap+Studie on her own experiences as a student with a functional impairment and finding a job. (English or Dutch)

15.35-15.45: Small break

15.45-16:15: Wies Schelfhout (BreinSupport) on acquired brain impairment and the consequences of this for students. (in Dutch)

16.15-16.45: Kristel de Groot, PhD candidate and hands on expert about her own experiences studying at the EUR and on the importance of scientific research on this subject. (in English)

16.45-17.00: Closure

On campus


14.45- 16.45: Possibility to race a wheelchair trail. Guided by KJ-projects students and employees can participate in a wheelchair trail. KJ-projects is an organization that promotes better representation of people with a functional impairment.

14.45-16.45: Possibility to experience a visual impairment. Koninklijke Visio is an organization that gives advice and information about visual imparments, but also offers guidance to people with a visual impairment. They will host this part of the event.

Erasmus Sport (Hall 1)

At Erasmus Sport you can participate in a wheelchair basketball clinic, organised by Arrows’81. In 1.5 hours you will learn the basics of this sport and you will experience what it is like to exercise in a wheelchair (max. 15 participants).


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