Reinforcing online electives (in collaboration with UNIC)

  • Project Manager CLI: Mirjam van de Woerdt

Optimal support for EUR lecturers in reinforcing their online courses for online students from UNIC-partner universities

UNIC is a European alliance of eight universities based in post-industrial cities with a mission to boost mobility and inclusion for societal impact. For the first time, the EUR will open up several courses from different Schools to students of our UNIC partner universities such as Koc University Istanbul, Ruhr University Bochum or University College Cork.

Lecturers either are still unaware their course is mentioned on the 'mobility course list' for UNIC, or haven't prepared their course for this new group of online students. Since these courses are mostly changing to a hybrid setting, lecturers would probably appreciate support in giving these online students the best learning experience possible and connecting the online students to the campus group of students at the EUR campus.

The CLI has offered its support to the UNIC team of the EUR to prepare and/or professionalize several courses to open up for online students from UNIC-partner universities, and to contribute to the start of two new joint masters.

The courses currently involve 7 courses and 1 minor from different Schools. Support ranges from tips & tricks in hybrid education and arranging the right hybrid rooms to giving didactical advice and supporting in redesign of the course.

Concerning the joint masters, it starts with didactical advice on the Intended Learning Outcomes and Bloom's taxonomy for 1 joint master but that could develop into additional support for both masters.


The goal of this innovation project is to provide optimal support for  the EUR lecturers who are opening up their courses to UNIC students and thereby contributing to internationalization goals of their School and the EUR and the purpose of UNIC and improving the learning experience of the new UNIC student audience.


This innovation project is still being developed and will start in September 2022. When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published here.

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