Research Master in Health Sciences

Study programme

The Research Master programme in Health Sciences aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of methods in either clinical or public health research. Specializations include clinical epidemiology, epidemiology, public health epidemiology, genetic and molecular epidemiology, medical psychology, health decision sciences, and health economic analysis. After completion, candidates will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to propose state-of-the-art studies, write excellent study protocols, perform the research, analyze the data using modern statistical techniques, make defensible causal inferences, come to justified conclusions, and write outstanding research papers. Depending on the choice of specialization, the candidate will focus on for example clinical trials, population studies, public health interventions, or modeling studies.

    In the course of the programme you will acquire the following competencies:

    • Ability to formulate a clinical or public health problem and translate it into a scientific question;
    • Ability to perform an extensive study of the literature concerning a problem;
    • Ability to translate a scientific question into a research protocol;
    • Acquisition of quantitative skills;
    • Ability to make causal inferences;
    • Ability to critically appraise published research;
    • Ability to conduct the research, collect and analyse data, and draw conclusions;
    • Ability to write a Master’s thesis, including the objective(s) of the investigation, a summary of the literature, materials, methods, results, discussion and conclusions of the research project and to present these findings at scientific meetings. Publication of the research findings in an international peer-reviewed journal is encouraged.


    Please see below for information about the specialisation within this Master Programme. Wether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time, is indicated accordingly. To read more about the specialisations, navigate to 'specialisations' in the menu on the left.

    Clinical EpidemiologyFull-timePart-time
    Genetic & Molecular EpidemiologyFull-timePart-time
    Medical PsychologyFull-timePart-time
    Health Decision SciencesFull-timePart-time
    Economic Health AnalysisFull-timePart-time
    Public Health EpidemiologyFull-timePart-time