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The research master Neuroscience aims to teach and to provide training for talented students in the rapidly expanding field of Neuroscience 

After the introduction week, the core of the first year program consists of 10 modules of 3 to 8 weeks each, with lectures, self-study problems with group discussions, and training of practical skills. Textbooks used are Principles of Neuroscience, written by Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel and colleagues, and Neuroscience by Purves et al. In addition, selected review and methodology papers reflecting the state-of-the-art in a particular area of neuroscience will be studied and discussed. Presentation skills are trained in the first year in journal clubs and tutor sessions.

During the second semester you will elaborate on the research topic you chose at the end of the first semester. Guided by your supervisor you will do an extensive literature search and you will come up with relevant and related novel questions, and design an experimental plan how to tackle these questions.   

Please see here for our course offerings.

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