Public Administration and Organisational Science

Career opportunities for Research Master Public Administration and Organisational Science

This master programme prepares you for a range of careers in which theoretically informed analysis and critical assessment of research findings are essential requirements. You may continue with a PhD programme starting an academic career. But you are also well-positioned for roles at research institutes, think tanks, government agencies and non-profit organisations. Also, a significant number of our graduates go on to careers in consulting firms.

Towards an academic career

This programme provides students with a thorough preparation for an academic career by:

  • facilitating research within the context of university research programmes;
  • facilitating internships and research for external parties.

Towards a professional career

After finishing this programme, you can become a(n):

  • academic researcher;
  • consultant;
  • applied researcher.
This master programme has been useful. The training in research methods in particular has given me an advantage.
Camilo Gonzalez Becerra
PhD student at Antwerp University and Associate professor at Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano.
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You've got the necessary experience to find your way into the fields of policy making, consultancy, research and beyond.
Evert Schot
advisor for the Council for Health and Society (RVS)
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