Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts
Combine social-scientific training and hands-on research experience

Study programme

This research master teaches you how social scientific research creates knowledge, and how you may design and carry out your own empirical research. You will explore the main lines of theoretical inquiry and contribute to the academic debate. 

The programme prepares you for a PhD position in sociology, arts and culture studies, media and communication, and related fields, but is also a perfect stepping stone to a career in applied research, policy, or consultancy.

Once you graduate you will have:

  • in-depth knowledge of the main theoretical insights and current debates in the sociology of culture, media and the arts;
  • a solid grasp of the latest research and state-of-the-art methods in the field;
  • a practical understanding of how research creates knowledge in the social sciences;
  • the ability to apply social-scientific knowledge and research skills in new or multidisciplinary settings;
  • a sound basis for pursuing a PhD position or any other research oriented job outside academia.

The Research Master curriculum consists of theoretical courses, as well as quantitative and qualitative methodological training. You will put your knowledge and research skills into practice in a mandatory research traineeship, in which you get the opportunity to assist an experienced scholar and work on a real-life research project. Through an international exchange in your second year you get the opportunity to further broaden your knowledge, and expand your international network.

Overview courses

Below you can view the programme for the year 2019-2020. Please note that the content, themes and scheduling of courses is subject to change and may vary in subsequent academic years.