Current facets (Pre-Master)

Would you like to make use of our expertise? We seek to share our knowledge with social partners and the wider audience in many ways. We contribute to analysing and solving issues in the following areas:

The fashion industry is where design and entrepreneurship intersect. But also the growing awareness of working conditions and material choice in the production process cause for creative innovation in the fashion industry.
Hoe games ons denken en doen kunnen beïnvloeden
With gamification projects advocating behavioral changes are stimulated. Elements of gamification can also be applied in the design of MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) and support the learning process.
Festival in Rotterdam
The structure of the music industry is visible: pop charts, talent shows, major labels and independent creatives, all take part in this area. Erasmus University's research looks at careers, audiences, copyright issues and music in relation to other media.
Van De Kunst der Selfies tot het maken van plastic uit
Besides the production, display, and the purchase of artworks, the art world is encircled with more intangible aspects such as meaning making and value construction. The creative industries art section encompasses all these facets.
Cultural Entrepreneurship
Creative Entrepreneurship
Our researchers in this field study (innovative) business developments, the way creative entrepreneurs decide how to develop their business and where to settle, and the way creative industries develop around the world.
Chinese Social Media
Media & ICT
The field of ICT in a rapid pace develops and intertwines technology and creativity. The media is the means to reach large audiences, using different sources and tools to achieve this transfer of information, creative industries also overarches this field
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(Media) Tourism
Whether it is live or traveling online, for quite some time people have acted upon their curiosity to see where their favorite movie, artwork or even historical event was ‘made’.
Schielandshuis Rotterdam
Cultural heritage
This covers the area where research is done into how history sheds light upon contemporary society. How residents relate to their customs, traditions, and the way globalization and technological developments generate shifts in that process.