The cultural non-visitor

Van de canon en de mug: een inventarisatie van inzichten rondom de culturele niet-bezoeker

This report (in Dutch) was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science after members of Parliament had asked the Minister to conduct research about the ‘non-visitors’ of culture. The report gives an overview of existing Dutch and international research, showing that culture participation in the Netherlands is among the highest in Europe.

90% of the Dutch participate in culture in general, while 40% participate in ‘canonized culture’. The report nevertheless discusses various ways of further stimulating culture participation, and concludes on the basis of existing research that, although some measures in some situations are (mildly) effective, there are no simple measures to be taken in the current Dutch context.  If cultural ‘non-participation’ really is problematic – which is a standpoint open for discussion – a more fundamental discussion of the basic assumptions informing cultural policy may be needed.

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The researchers

prof.dr. (Koen) CJM van Eijck


  • This project was carried out for and with the Government of the Netherlands.