Programme Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Conference

Programme 30 November

30 November 2018 - Erasmus University Rotterdam, Campus Woudestein, Paviljoen

Research agenda and scientific results

08:00-09:00: Registration and coffee

09:00-09:15: Welcome

Martin De Jong (Scientific Director Initiative)

09:15-10:15: Key note

Tim Bartley - Rules without Rights: Moving Beyond Private Authority

10:15-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-12:00: Parallel sessions


Theme 1: Regulating Responsibility

Session 1: Hybrid & complex governance for sustainable development

Chair: Yogi Hale Hendlin

  • A Revitalized Global Partnership for Development and the Need for a Better Understanding of its Dynamic Complexity: A Case Study of the Kenya Electricity Expansion Project (Andria Naudé-Fourie)
  • Now or never! – Redefining the relationship between trade and environment within the WTO in the wake of current calls for its modernisation (Sophia Paulini)
  • The role of regulation in preventing Africa’s next debt crisis (Geske Dijkstra)

Session Discussant: Juliane Reinecke


Theme 2: Responsible Financial Markets

Session 1: Greening Financial Markets

Chair: Marta Szymanowska

  • Greening Monetary Policy (Dirk Schoenmaker)

Discussant: Marijn Van Der Sluis

  • Carbon Tail Risk (Emirhan Ilhan, Zacharias Sautner and Grigory Vilkov)

Discussant: Mathijs Cosemans

  • The Green Advantage: A Propensity-score Matching Analysis of Green Bonds’ Pricing at Issuance (Gianfranco Gianfrate)

Discussant: Oğuzhan Karakaş


12:00-13:15:  Lunch

13:15-14:15: Key note

Elias Papaioannou - The Globalization of Corporate Control (with Gur Aminadav and Luis Fonseca)

14:15-14:30: Coffee break

14:30-16:00: Parallel sessions

Theme 1: Regulating Responsibility

Session 2: "Regulating Responsibility': beyond the frame of CSR

Chair: Alessandra Arcuri

  • Invited Speaker Mary Footer: Internalising human rights norms in corporate culture: problems and pitfalls
  • The Case for a Court of Arbitration for Business and Human Rights (Antoine Duval)
  • Advancing Inclusive Prosperity by Adopting a Business and Human Rights Treaty (Nadia Bernaz)

Session Discussant: Martijn Scheltema


Theme 2: Responsible Financial Markets

Session 2: Finance in Developing countries

Chair: Mathijs van Dijk

  • Invited Speaker Thorsten Beck
  • Mobile Phones for Financial Inclusion: What Explains the Diffusion of Mobile Money Innovations? (Rob van Tulder)

Discussant: Thomas Lambert

  • The political consequences of financial development: Evidence from the opening of African stock exchanges (Jose Albuquerque de Sousa, A.G. van Bergeijk and Mathijs van Dijk)

Discussant: Martin de Jong


16:00-16:15: Coffee break

16:15-17:45: Parallel sessions

Theme 1: Regulating Responsibility

Session 3: "Regulating corporate responsibility: the challenges of private regulation

Chair: Lieselot Bisschop

  • De-Democratization of Firms (Summer Kim)
  • The Dialogue between Transnational Private Governance and Legal Transplants: A Case Study on Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility Reports under the Principles of the Global Reporting Initiative in Taiwan (Robert Tsai, Ying-Che Hsieh, and Pei-Chi Liao)
  • Making parent companies pay for the sin of their subsidiaries (Christopher Riley and Oludara Akanmidu)

Session Discussant: Tim Bartley

Theme 2: Responsible Financial Markets

Session 3: How Stakeholders influence companies

Chair: Emilio Marti

  • Coordinated Engagement (Elroy Dimson, Oğuzhan Karakaş and Xi Li)

Discussant: Anjana Rajamani

  • Challenges and opportunities of EU external administrative action: fostering prosperity through re-shaping global financial governance? (Florin Coman-Kund)

Discussant: Dirk Schoenmaker

  • Enemy at the Gates: Short-selling and Firm Performance on Corporate Social Responsibility. Evidence from a Natural Experiment. (Vanya Rusinova, Georg Wernicke and Tima Bansal)

Discussant: Emilio Marti

17:45-18:45: Reception