Smarter Choices for Better Health

Action lines

The research in Smarter Choices for Better Health is organised in four action lines: Prevention, Value Based Healthcare, Evaluation of Healthcare and Health Equity.

The goal of this action line is to identify the most promising interventions to induce healthy behaviour, focusing on incentives or nudges that are sustainable and cost-effective.
Value Based Healthcare
The researchers in this Action Line strive to provide new insights in how ‘value’ can be measured. They also develop and test promising interventions aimed at increasing value in healthcare.
Evaluation of Healthcare
Researchers in this Action Line work on a broader evaluative framework, in which outcomes are measured in terms of overall quality of life (i.e., wellbeing).
Health Equity
The researchers of this Action Line are developing a normative framework to help policy makers with the trade-off between maximising total population health and minimising health inequality when prioritising interventions.

Other research you might find interesting

  • Roel van den Berg is the programme manager of Smarter Choices for Better Health. In that capacity he is responsible for the coordination of administrative and organisational matters concerning the Erasmus Initiative. He serves as the secretary of the Steering Board and he represents Smarter Choices for Better Health towards the other Erasmus Initiatives and the Executive Board. Roel has a similar role in Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity, one of the other Erasmus Initiatives. Roel has a background in engineering (Eindhoven University of Technology) and law (University of London).