Admission and application

Once you have decided on a study programme, you will need to start preparing for your studies abroad. The process starts with an application for admission.

In the Netherlands, a doctorate degree (PhD) can be obtained in different ways:

  • PhD projects & vacancy – you are employed by the university and you receive a salary for doing existing research projects. View our current PhD vacancies.
  • PhD programmes – you participate in an educational PhD programme offered by a research school.
  • Research proposal & supervision – you submit a new and original research proposal to a professor who is willing to support and supervise you. Finding a suitable professor means checking out international networks, scientific publications, bilateral contacts between your home institution and a Dutch university, the Internet, etc.

Find out more about admission and application for PhD tracks at our graduate schools, research schools & institutes:

Sustainable economic growth to benefit society
The organisation of companies and society
Media, connection, happiness and identity in contemporary urban society