ERC Starting Grants

The ERC awards Starting Grants to talented early-career scientists, who have already produced excellent supervised work and are ready to work independently and show potential to be a research leader.

ERC Starting Grants in 2019

Dr Zhenyu Gao - Comprehensive anatomical, genetic and functional identification of cerebellar nuclei neurons and their roles in sensorimotor tasks

For this ERC funded project Zhenyu Gao will focus on deciphering the anatomical, physiological and molecular properties of cerebellar nuclei neurons. This effort will eventually help to understand how cerebellar outputs are determined by their differential functional demands of sensorimotor tasks, and shed light on the cerebellar control of different brain regions.

Previous years

  • Klazina Kooiman (Erasmus MC, Department of Biomedical Engineering) - Diagnosing and treating bacterial infections on cardiac devices with ultrasound and microbubbles 

    Bacterial infections on devices that support cardiac function such as a pacemaker, an artificial cardiac valve, or a ventricular assist device, are life-threatening and difficult to diagnose and treat. Dr Klazina Kooiman’s research focuses on developing miniscule gas bubbles that attach themselves to the infection. These microbubbles will vibrate when exposed to ultrasound frequencies. This makes early-stage detection of the infection using an ultrasound possible, and the infection can then be treated. With this new multidisciplinary technique, we expect to see a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections on devices used to support cardiac function.

    • Quantitative and qualitative social science: a unified logic of causal inference?

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    • FATHERCHILD: the role of the father in child development

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    • Unravelling mechanisms that cause bone marrow fibrosis

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