More computer power (High Performance Computing)

Erasmus University Rotterdam provides advanced computing power to colleagues that require: 

  • more memory (intensive tasks) than is available on their computer;
  • to perform many tasks (at the same time); 
  • to perform tasks that on a normal computer would take days/weeks. 

How do I get access to more computer power (computing resources)?

You can get access to the computing resources by going through the following steps:

  1. Fill in the following form: User Request Form – Computing Resources at SURFsara.
  2. Read and sign the User Agreement Dutch HPC resources.
  3. Send the completely filled in and signed documents to for approval.
  4. After EUR approval send the documents to
  5. SURFsara will send you further information on your account so that you can start with high performance computing. 

Which system should I use?

The following three systems can be used to get access to more computer space or to perform complex tasks: the Lisa system, Cartesius and HPC Cloud. These systems are installed and maintained by SURFsara.

Overview of the available computing systems
 The Lisa systemCartesius systemHPC Cloud
DescriptionA system that offers a large number of multi-core nodes and a fast network enabling efficient parallel programs.The Dutch national supercomputerDynamically scalable and fully configurable HPC systems
Use caseFor people who are in need of large computing capacities, but do not need the facilities of a real supercomputer.A general purpose capability systemA virtualized HPC cluster that users can configure to match their needs
Detailed informationThe Lisa systemCartesiusHPC Cloud


More information

Please contact the Data team of Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) for advice on high performance computing.