Share data safely

Erasmus University Rotterdam provides its faculty and staff with a safe, easy and secure way to collaborate and exchange research data with EUR researchers as well as with researchers from other universities. 

If you work with personal data in your research you must use the EUR Document Vault.


1. Safe Collaboration: EUR Document Vault

For safe online collaboration with sensitive research data, the EUR provides the EUR Document Vault. It runs on BlackBerry Workspaces. See here for a description of the EUR Document Vault.

How to access the EUR Document Vault? Please send an email to and request your account for research. Manual for using the EUR Document Vault

2. Sharing data safely: SURFdrive and SURFfilesender

For sharing data safely the EUR provides two services: SURFdrive and SURFfilesender.

SURFdrive is the safe Dropbox. SURFfilesender is the safe WeTransfer. See below for a description and how to access.

2.a. SURFdrive

About SURFdrive - see here

How to access? You are welcome to use SURFdrive with your ERNA account. Login via:


2.b. SURFfilesender

About SURFfilesender - see here

How to access? You are welcome to use SURFfilesender with your ERNA account. Login via:


For support, please contact the USC ITS Servicedesk. Telephone: 010 4088880. Email:


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