Increasing resiliency among adolescents through football

What do we research?

The FAIR-PLAY project combines the power of football, academic insights and pedagogical methods to professionalize youth coaches. The project is a partnership between researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and various international football clubs. Science and practice are brought together to promote the social and personal development of young people in cities during football training.

How does our research make societal impact? 

Cities face social problems such as poverty, unemployment and crime more often. For young people who grow up in poverty-stricken environments with high crime rates, opportunities to work on their social and personal development are extra valuable. The FAIR-PLAY project is developing a curriculum with the aim of promoting the resilience and life skills (such as collaboration and leadership) of these young people. This curriculum is designed within the context of the social development programs of international football clubs. This project is currently being carried out in Rotterdam, Edinburgh, London, Bremen, Budapest, Nagalama (in Uganda).

How do we conduct our research?

During this trajectory, youth coaches develop their pedagogical and didactic skills. They are trained in this by researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam. During several training weeks they learn about various concepts such as resilience and collaboration. They are also introduced to inquiry-based learning. This skill is necessary to implement the curriculum teaching materials in football training and to be able to critically assess and improve them. This will lead to greater project effectiveness. The researchers use various methods, such as interviews and surveys, to collect data among the participating trainers and children throughout the project.

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I hope to help the FAIRPLAY project from both a practical and a research perspective.

Studio Erasmus

Studio Erasmus - Brian Godor on the effectivity of community programs in football clubs

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